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Slides During Service

If you would like a slide to be on the screen during service, please send an email with the slide and saying what it is to
These file formats are allowed
(bold underlined ones are preferred):

  • Image formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .heic, .dng

  • Slides: .pptx, .pro (these are the formats for PowerPoint and ProPresenter)

  • Plain Text: .rtf, .txt, or just send us text in the email

Newsletters through our Website

Our website has built in support for marketing and newsletter emails. This removes the need to use a third party platform such as Mailchimp, Beehiv, etc. Please contact us and we will help you set this up.

Vernon AME Mobile App Admin Access

To get access to the admin features on our mobile app, please discuss with Pastor Mayes. If he decides to give you access to the admin features, he will notify us and we will add you to the app.
You can request access to individual admin features including: 

  • Manage Announcements

  • Manage Contact Chat

  • View Prayer Requests

  • Circle of Love Contacts

  • Manage Staff

  • Create Events

  • ​Create Bulletins

Access to the Email & Accounts

Only the Vernon AME Tech Team has access to this email. If you would like to request access, please ask me in person and explain why you need access to the email.

Main Resources ↓

Editing on the Vernon Website

If you would like to become a website editor, you must meet several requirements. If you want to edit the design of the website, you have to prove you have proficient knowledge of graphic design and the way Wix/EditorX works as a website builder. If you want to edit text and content, you have to be able to communicate with other people to get more information and then summarize that into a short paragraph for our website. Please talk to me in person if you would like access to this.

Page Written by Caedmon Myers - Updated 04/21/24

Filetypes we do not Support

Below are the types of files and formats we do not support. If you send us one of these, you will be asked to change it or it won't be in service.

  • Canva Presentation links (export as PowerPoint instead)

  • .pdf files

Social Media Access

To get access to our social media, the following things are required:

  • Facebook - Knowledge of how Facebook Live works and basic knowledge of Meta Business Suite

  • TikTok - Be able to create engaging short videos that are under a minute and how to optimize titles to get the largest audience.

  • YouTube - Have knowledge of how Live streams work and everything listed for TikTok


You are able to request access only to certain platforms​ if you don't meet requirements for all 3.

Manage App Store Connect and Google Play Console Listings

These are the platforms we use to publish our mobile app to iPhone and Android. You must be able to demonstrate that you can use Testflight Beta, write descriptions for the app store, change privacy info, add in-app purchases, contact app review if the app is rejected, upload correctly sized screenshots, optimize keywords, write titles/subtitles in the character limit, and the ability to change availability. Contact to request access.

Manage Apple Business Connect and Google Business

We use these two services to manage the Historic Vernon AME Church listing on Apple and Google Maps. This includes our images, descriptions, open hours, location address, etc. To get access to this, you must know information about the church or be able to find up to date information from papers, people, etc

Custom Email Domain

If you are managing anything related to emails for Vernon AME Church, please contact us to get a custom email address. This includes things like contact for events, email announcements/newsletters, or a personal email address for you at the church.

Images and Logos

If you are making something using one of my Vernon AME logos, please do not use low quality screenshots. Download the high resolution versions of each from below. The download link is for the logos. Contact us for high quality photos of the church building and services.

Custom URL Redirects

Please do not use links for in service announcements or other church related events. Contact us to set up a domain. You could use something like instead of It integrates our website url for a more professional look and it's easier to remember the exact url.

Music or Videos During Service

If you need a song player during service, email a file or link to
These formats are allowed
(bold underlined ones are preferred):

  • Links: YouTube, Vimeo, any other public link

  • Audio File: .mp3,  .m4a, .acc, .mp4

  • Video: .mov, .mp4

Note: You cannot send a YouTube link if you want a video displayed. YouTube can only be used for audio. Videos must be in .mov or .mp4 only.

Hey, it looks like you're on a mobile device. I'd recommend using an iPad or computer for a better experience using this page.

Requests for Sunday Service should be sent by the end of the Thursday before the service. In some cases we might accept something after this deadline but we also might not. If something changes, you can send us updated information until the end of Saturday.

Requests for events during the week must be sent before the Sunday before the event. This includes running slides, running sound, and live streaming. You must list what you will need us to do at the same time you send the request. If you initially say you don't need live streaming, you have until 2 days before the event to request a change to add this. The same applies for us running slides or running sound. Final slides must be submitted by either 2 days in advance or the Sunday before. You will not be able to change or add to the slides after this.

Important Notes ↓

Please contact for the services listed on this page.

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